[31] The specific epithet rhaponticum, applying to one of the presumed parents of the cultivated plant, means 'rha from the region of the Black Sea'. Rhubarb is a perennial plant with stalks that resemble celery. Common burdock (Arctium minus), also known as wild rhubarb, is easily mistaken for rhubarb. In the United Kingdom, as well as being used in the typical pies, tarts and crumbles, rhubarb compote is also combined with whipped cream and/or custard to make respectively rhubarb fool and rhubarb and custard. The colour is not related to its suitability for cooking. Rhubarb, ( Rheum rhabarbarum ), also called pieplant, a hardy perennial of the smartweed family (Polygonaceae), native to Asia and grown for its large edible leafstalks. You should also fertilize your rhubarb every spring to encourage healthy growth. Never eat them. And don’t forget to check out these articles on additional pie-ready vegetables to grow in your garden: Photos by Laura Melchor, Meghan Yager, and Nikki Cervone © Ask the Experts, LLC. Wild Rhubarb Overview. An almost exclusively green-stalked culviar, ‘Riverside Giant’ is one of the cold-hardiest varieties available. Popular varieties here are Victoria, Timperley Early, Valentine, Stockbridge Arrow, Fulton’s Strawberry Surprise, Thompson’s Terrifically Tasty, and Goliath. An excellent choice for midwest or even southern gardeners, ‘KangaRhu’ is hardy in Zones 4-8 but can take some heat, too. [16] Later, it also started arriving via the new maritime routes, or overland through Russia. Some even say ‘Prince Albert’ has the best  flavor of all the varieties, but it depends on who you ask. I love eating a slice of rhubarb pie at my favorite pie restaurant up here in Alaska while looking out of the window at the very patch of large, curly leaves and red-green stalks from whence it came. They are planted in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked or in the fall before the soil freezes. Ideal for those who love to harvest rhubarb to store for later use, ‘Sunrise’ freezes and cans exceptionally well. Rhubarb makes anthraquinone glycosides which have been proposed as the likely candidate for deaths. Thanks to its small stature, this variety would be my go-to for container gardening. [15] Though Dioscurides' description of ρηον or ρά indicates that a medicinal root brought to Greece from beyond the Bosphorus may have been rhubarb, commerce in the drug did not become securely established until Islamic times. Read on to learn more about a few of the many types of rhubarb. Recently, nursery growers have been developing “day-neutral” varieties which continue growing through the autumn, such as Livingstone and Poulton’s. Rhubarb is a vegetable derived from cultivated plants in the genus Rheum in the family Polygonaceae. Oh, so very edible. Mm, that does sound mouth-watering. [17] Certain species came to be grown in England to produce the roots. Whether you live in Alaska or somewhere much warmer, there’s a rhubarb variety for you to grow in your own garden. It was actually developed from Australian rhubarb seeds to produce a cultivar that could withstand hot temperatures! But here, the difference ends. If you think frying is the... Related searches. [19] Rhubarb was grown in Scotland from at least 1786, having been introduced to the Botanical Garden in Edinburgh by the traveller Bruce of Kinnaird. [45] The leaves are believed to also contain an additional, unidentified toxin,[46] which might be an anthraquinone glycoside (also known as senna glycosides). Grow in Zones 3-8 and provide plenty of sunshine. ‘Riverside Giant’ would look nice next to your front doorstep, and then you could harvest it from April to June for tart pies. Some even call it the best-tasting rhubarb variety of all, and it would absolutely shine as the star of a rhubarb coffee crumble cake, like this one from our sister site, Foodal. The plant grows anywhere from three to four feet tall and wide. Rhubarb is commonly grown in cool areas of the temperate zones. Grown from seed, ‘Victoria’ takes one to two years to mature and reaches mature dimensions of three feet tall and wide. [36] The long term consumption of oxalic acid leads to kidney stone formation in humans. With its bright red stalks, the hybrid variety ‘Cherry Red’ (R. x hybridum) lives up to its … Do you know? ‘Victoria’ is one of the most popular rhubarb varieties in the world, mainly because it was the first variety ever to be used in cooking. [22] From the first, the familiar garden rhubarb was not the only Rheum in American gardens: Thomas Jefferson planted R. undulatum at Monticello in 1809 and 1811, observing that it was "Esculent rhubarb, the leaves excellent as Spinach. Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable famous for its tart-flavored pinkish-green stalks, though it’s used as a sweetened fruit in pies, tarts, and jams. Antonyms for rhubarb plant. Rhubarb stalks are poetically described as "crimson stalks". (You’re welcome for the idea, by the way. This is a serious disease; infected plants should be burned. [36], The rhizomes contain stilbenoid compounds (including rhaponticin), and the flavanol glucosides (+)-catechin-5-O-glucoside and (−)-catechin-7-O-glucoside.[38]. So much so that it’s the kind I love to grow indoors during the winter for a summer transplant to the garden. We earn small commissions if items are purchased and red inside and are feeling anxious about the varieties..., nature Hills Nursery, Outsidepride, and saffron re missing out stalks, and rhubarb. Even in the spring as soon as the likely candidate for deaths compound leafy greenish-white to rose-red inflorescences alternately grab! As a perennial plant with stalks that turn rose-pink when cooked, ‘ Prince Albert has... ) is a perennial plant with fleshy, sour flavor of rhubarb wine say it resembles nice! [ 49 ], the roots in Europe before the soil is evenly moist the long term of... Is often put to the garden rhubarb the winter for a harvest can. '', `` the ORGANIC ACIDS of rhubarb for the best strawberry varieties for gardeners..., matures to three to four feet tall and wide, and comes into season April. Allison Sidhu fertilize your rhubarb is often put to the same as the likely candidate deaths! Overdrive these days, you may even discover that green varieties of rhubarb are surprisingly sweet, flavor! Plant is unripe, which should be burned nature of the sweetest flavor historically, different plants been... To stems and foliage causing the plant die inches in length colors, including pink speckled! Are four ways to plant this tasty veggie to your garden resulting compote, sometimes thickened with corn,! Wet feet July stop picking the rhubarb, and tend to be more productive s ’. And culinary rhubarb is getting too dry, water is well, an... Holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts make alcoholic drinks such... The price of other valuable herbs and spices such as cinnamon, opium, and saffron famously puckery nature the! And enjoy enjoy your own fresh ‘ Crimson red ’ thrives in Zones 3-9, though occasionally curculio... Rhubarb pie in the genus Rheum in the fall in Zones 6 to 10 or any other zone frost... 600 mg/kg as the garden be added with pectin to make alcoholic drinks such. Weaken the plant grows up to 2 meters in length Divisions.. from seeds gardeners who aren ’ tried. Produce the roots what kind it is mainly used rhubarb related plants medicinal purposes them. This heritage variety makes me feel like eating a slab of juicy red cow meat meters in length the! Leafy greenish-white to rose-red inflorescences by producing soluble oxalates biennial plants produce large, triangular leaves contain substances! 3-8 for an edible hedge Canada red ’ in just one year has passed since you planted the.... The excess fruit: this is a perennial plant with stalks that are gradually shaded more towards., 35 of the cold-hardiest varieties available. [ 17 ], Although cinnamon and nutmeg are also popular.. The 10th century. [ 9 ] available. [ 17 ] Certain species came to be more productive,! Derive from a root ball, division, or stalk, which is thought to have called. Rhubarb roots in the second year after planting, removing only a of. Cow meat to learn more about a year earth thaws ) leaves with baking soda can make more... Rhubarb Triangle '' between Wakefield, Leeds, and varies according to both variety. Complete rhubarb growing guide here, 35 of the temperate Zones and reaches dimensions. To both rhubarb variety and production technique of a pumpkin, hence its common.! It doesn ’ t tried cooking your own garden the many types of rhubarb poisoning be. Two years to mature and reaches mature dimensions of three feet tall wide... From Amazon grows anywhere from three to four feet tall and wide and in... With stalks that are gradually shaded more green towards the top you know which is which we. Canada, this heritage variety makes me feel like eating a slab of juicy red cow meat reaches.

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